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Earn Or Play

-Strong CEO and developer

-Innovative team

-Booming industry

-Withdraw profits any time

-Easiest reinvesting

-Strong community

-Great support

-Real company real profits

-Many ways to earn

Be a part of Ace Wins by investing in our Casino or by staking ACW Tokens and earn a Passive Income. You will get 0.05 to 1 percent of your casino investment in USD as a dividend every day, until you get 150 percent of your Casino Investment. By staking ACW Tokens, you will get a share from Ace Wins revenue as dividends. 60% of the Ace Wins net revenue is distributed to ACW Token holders proportionally as dividends. You are free to withdraw your Dividends any time.

Our Automatic Random Referral Spillover System is a first of its kind and unique. With our System, the chances are more for you to get your Direct and Next Level Referrals automatically in a fair and proportional ratio. In simple terms, you need not join this system first to get automatic referrals. Even a person who joins the system later may get automatic referrals because, the spillover system selects the referral randomly.

However, if you promote your referral link and someone joins by clicking your link, they will be mapped under your account as a direct referral and your downline's sponsored referral if you have more than 3 referrals in your first level. You will get your Direct Referral's Commission for all your direct referrals even if they are marked as sponsored referral's of your downline members.


By Investing in ACE WINS Casino, your passive income possibilities:

  • Daily Dividends - 0.05 to 1 percent of your investment in USD until you get 150 percent of your actual investment.

  • You will get 8% of your direct referral's Casino Investment as the commission in BTC.

  • You will get 8% of your direct referral's Membership Purchase as the commission in BTC. You will get 4% commission in BTC for the next level referrals up to 9 levels.

If you have any questions or need a walk through on anything please send me an email I am happy to help.

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