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Automized Arbitrage Application

Arbistar's first product is an automized solution doing arbitrage trading on cryptocurrencies. Our bot syncs to up to 13 exchanges to track opportunities by comparing bid and ask prices to seek profit from the spread.
When the difference in price minus the fees is positive, the bot identifies an opportunity. It purchases low, to sell high.
This product is ready for sale.

You can enter a trading pool called "The Community Bot" with a minimum of 300 Euros and your profits will be sent to your wallet of choice once a week or reinvest the profits and GROW your Bitcoin.


Or you can choose from many different bots for setting up and trading on your own exchange, risk free.

Great referral program for team builders.

 KYC - YES!!            No U.S. Citizens 

If you need any assistance I am here to help 

Email me at -

-Strong out-front ceo
-Well known developers
-Showing trades that can be verified
-Many different bots to set up on your own account
-Community trading pool with
-avg about 0.6% a day - 7 days a week
-Withdraw of capital anytime after 60 days
-300 euro min investment
-Trusted long term platform
- Legal compliance team
-You can visit their office and meet the CEO and team
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