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Crypto Tools

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Getting involved in crypto is easy, it just takes a little effort and advice

Crypto Tools

Everyone needs some trusted crypto tools - from fiat on-ramps to trusted places to join a masternode pool. You will likely need more than one exchange or crypto wallet.  Indeed, having registered with many exchanges can open you up to many different opportunities.

Coinbase 1.PNG

You likely need to start with a fiat on-ramp to get your country's currency into crypto.

Most people use Coinbase as they are like the Walmart of crypto in all the positive and negative ways. They are a necessary evil in the current environment. There are other ways to get money into crypto but Coinbase is the safest.

They require a great deal of info. No funny business here as they will freeze your account for suspicious activity. They are fully compliant with the US Government.

CoinEx 1.PNG
CoinEx 2.PNG

CoinEx is my favorite wallet and exchange - with the cheapest fees anywhere for withdrawls and deposits.  This is the account for sending and receiving funds from your passive income investments, NOT Coinbase.  Coinbase is just to get fiat into crypto (on-ramp), use Coinex for all your other transactions - this is important as Coinbase will lock up your account for activity they deem inappropriate. 

Thank goodness for CoinEx.  They give us the freedom we need.  They have the great support with patient people who care about crypto.  Fast transactions with no hassle. They are solid people with deep roots in the crypto world.


From the website: 

Founded in December 2017, CoinEx is a global and professional digital coin exchange service provider. CoinEx core team are from world leading internet and finance companies, including the earliest adopters/professionals of cryptocurrency who boast rich experience in R&D, global operations and services in the industry. With its proprietary trade matching system and excellent user experience, CoinEx is dedicated to building a highly secure, stable and efficient digital coin exchange for global users. CoinEx now supports multiple languages and are providing global trading services in nearly 100 countries/regions.

Bitsgap Change The Game yt.jpg

Mercatox Exchange - This exchange and wallet is a must for alt coins that are hard to find. Extremely fast and reliable wallet and exchange. 


Mercatox also has copy trading where you can choose successful traders and parrot their account. When they win in their account you will win proportionately in your account.

mercatox 2.jpg
mercatox 1.png
mercatox e-wallet.png
My Poster.png

Hoo Exchange

A fantastic exchange with many investment options. Hoo Exchange by HyperTech` Full Fledged `state of the art` Crypto Exchange With Leverage, Alts, Margin, and Spot Trading. Incorporates the books of other exchanges for massive liquidity, They have all the HyperTech coins and more alts than almost any other exchange. Owned and backed by some of the biggest names in Crypto. Low fee structure with VIP levels for even lower fees.

hoo yt 1.jpg
hoo cat.PNG
bot pionex.jpg
pionex yt 1.jpg
pionex bots logo.jpg

Pionex is an exchange designed for the trading bot. Great liquidity which aggregates from multiple other exchanges, more than 5 trading bots built-in, and very low trading fee - 0.05%. This is the best no KYC alternative to Binance and where I personally take signals from our signal group. If the signal does not work out I put the crypto asset into a free bot and earn my way back to profit. The lowest fees of ANY exchange.

The funnest place to check the bitcoin price

Coin Manufacturing

Quickest and most accurate BTC to USD calculator

Great place to check the prices of Cryptocurrencies 

and learn more.

Analyzing Graphs
eth ethereum logo.png

Quickest and most accurate ETH calculator

A good place to check on all things Ethereum

ethereum price.PNG

Cryptocurrency calculator & converter - Most Cryptos


This is a secret weapon I use to gain serious advantage over the market. Serious time saver when trading as it finds patterns for you and sends notifications. 10% Discount using my buddy link.

Man Welding

More to come

I will be adding many more of the tools that I personally use to make crypto easier, safer, and more rewarding.  Gimme a little time, I'm working on it.

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