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Passive Income


The Decentralized Empowerment Of

Prospering People

DEOPP is a decentralized passive earnings Eco system, thoughtfully and professionally designed into a smart contract...deployed on the blockchain to successfully operate similar to a banks inner workings that have enabled them to profit for decades...

DEOPP is for freedom thinking individuals...who desire a target focused way to growing a true passive income...

DEOPP is creating a community supported store of value Eco system... where your money (utilizing DEOPP TRX) can grow...and earn FOR you while you cooperatively yet passively work to support the growth of others

For me, personally, Deopp has been a blessing and I am extremely grateful to have them as a large part of my portfolio. I am quickly increasing my Tron here and the value of that Tron has risen, making this an extremely powerful system. As Tron goes up, so does the amount of Tron I have in my account. - Thanks Deopp

I also love the team -  Crypto Music (Mitch) 

logo deopp.png
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-Decentralized Smart Contract
-Well known developers
-Endorsed by many 
-Transparent, Audited, Smart Contract.
-Live on the Tron blockchain.
-Contract is complete from day 1
-Avg 3% a day, 7 days a week, 300% ROI
-Simple growth rewards
-Low min investment - 100 TRX
-Strong community 
-Contract is audited by HAZE!
-Real opportunity, real people, real profits
-All Tron, all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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