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The easiest way to get involved in crypto is free faucets

Bitcoin Faucets

Faucets are a great way to accumulate free bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without much effort. This is a great way to accumulate free crypto for the future it goes a lot quicker if you can refer your friends and family.  Can be a great pass time for those at home with nothing to do. My elderly uncle loved it and did it much more diligently than I ever have. It kept him going with something to do.  With that being said, you have to be slightly careful that you are NOT using any VPN's as the websites can detect them and will ban you from using their faucets.  Because of that, I have a dedicated browser that I use.  I make sure my VPN is off, pull up a browser that I do not ever use (I use Mozilla for this) and push the "Restore Previous Session" button.  That brings up all my faucets, all right there in one spot.  I go from one tab to the next, faucet by faucet, till all are claimed.  I then shut down my whole browser (Mozilla for me) and carry on with my day in my other usually used browsers.  Here are a few of the ones I am currenly using:

    . CryptoFairy  ..................................companion of CryptoMusic - I like this one becuase it's no frills.  You sign up and you go.  You can claim satoshies every hour and with each claim, you will get 2 lottery tickets and 2 (or more on the weekends) rewards points which you can play games and bet with.  It has 6 layers of winnings, depending on your number pulled on your claim, with the highest payout at the equvilant of $200 in BTC.

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Heading 6

Cointiply - This one is great becuase the website is user friendly and laid out well.  This faucet allows 1 claim every 12 hours with 5 layers of payout.  They also pay extra if you pull a prime number.  It pays out on a coin system with coins based off the value of the USD.  There are many things you can do here to earn coins - faucet, paid to click (PTC) ads, surveys, multiplier, offers, and others.  Cointiply pays a 1% loyality bonus for every consecutive day you claim your faucet, so if you roll 16 days in a row, you will be paid a bonus of 16% of your coins earned from that roll

cointiply 1.PNG
Cointiply 2.PNG
Cointiply features.PNG
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