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Just a simple, conservative, but proven strategy to grow your BitCoin quickly and safely!

-Strong CEO and Team

-Innovative Ideas

-Extremely Transparent

-Booming Industry

-Automatic Withdraws

-Strong Community

-Legal Compliance

-Real Company Real Profits

-Many Ways To Earn

-Game Of The Week Wagering

-Unique Auctions With High End Goods, The Deals Are Unreal

-Showing All Bets Before The Game Even Starts

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Trading Strategy

Global Credits Network previously called Sports Trading BTC has developed a Sports Trading strategy over the past 2 years that we now get to share with the public. We have assembled a team of top Sports Traders and handicappers all around the globe. This has allowed us to reduce the risk, and develop a methodology that simply works.

A combination of the best Sports Handicappers in the world along with a proven money management strategy, has allowed us to create a winning formula for our affiliates. The diversity in our trades and our trading teams have set us apart from our competitors.

Our conservative philosophy combined with our experienced Sports Traders has created an environment, which allows us to pay a consistent returns back to our affiliates. It is what has made it possible for us to offer the ability for you to consistently grow our affiliates BitCoin.


The Problem

There are several companies that have been created over the last several years that have disappeared almost as quickly as they were created, leaving their customers behind. The reason why is because the returns and the payouts are not realistic to stand the test of time. If a company is guaranteeing you a specific rate of return paid out daily then you know it can’t be real. There isn’t an asset in the world that can be traded for a specific rate of return every day.

The Solution

  • Sports Trading pays our customers a percentage that ranges from .25 % all the way up to 2% daily. The percentage is determined by our performance on our Sports Trading. We announce the new rate on 15th of each month, and this rate is paid for the next 30 days.

  • Sports Trading BTC could have created a public offer a long time ago. However we wanted to make sure we were in a rock solid position to protect our affiliates. When you view our packages you will see that they are more conservative than most. This isn’t by accident, it is by design. We intend on being here for the long term.

  • If you are looking for a company that is built on a solid foundation, with the end user in mind then you have landed in the right place. We look forward to helping your grow your BitCoin for several years to come.

If you have any questions or need a walk through on anything please send me an email I am happy to help.

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