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DeFi on TRON

Decentralized Finance is changing the world of finance as we know it. With out the permission on intermediaries like banks or governments "we the people' now have the choice to seek out solid yield for our portfolios. USWAP is the number one opportunity for stable high yields on the Tron blockchain. A Tron wallet is like having a bank account on your computer that you are in control of. By providing liquidity, staking tokens, and participating in IDO's you have a very powerful and growing ecosystem for gaining high returns where you are in full control The DeFi revolution is alive and strong on Tron and it's very core is here at USWAP. As early adopters we have an opportunity like no other. Check out a couple videos and wrap your head around the opportunity before you. This is a long term project for long term gains. 

Profitability  and longevity is my priority

There are so many ways to profit here. I have seriously grown my capital and plan to continue to do so for the long term here at USWAP. I am currently staking UME in the long term pool, buying and selling UME, and providing liquidity on the exchange plus staking the LP tokens I gained by doing so. I also plan to participate in some of the "get in early" opportunities with the IDO's

  • I use the TronLink wallet but also like Klever

  • Growing ecosystem with amazingly creative developers

  • These guys love crypto and it shows.

  • I am here to help my team. Reach out if you have any questions.

-Strong out-front leadership
-Many different ways to earn
-DeFi simplified
-Easy to get started and participate
-Instant withdraw of funds and profit
-Strong community 
-High apy - pools- farms - gamified DeFi 
-Easy in and out 
-Get passive rewards for providing liquidity on the USWAP decentralized exchange
-Easy withdraw to your Tron wallet
-Trusted long term platform
- Extremely transparent 
-You can meet the CEO and team
-Regular webinars answering ALL questions
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How To' Videos

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